SHOW TIMES:  Wednesday 14 November – 8.30-18.00  |  Thursday 15 November – 8.30-17.00

Visitor Testimonials

Read what some of our visitors had to say about DPC2017

“Come along, definitely, because there’s a lot going on, a lot of networking. I’ve met people who have similar interests to me but different views and different ways of helping diabetic care.“

Nicholas Lance, GP, Heathcot Medical Practice

“It's been really good, there's been so much knowledge. At the exhibition stands, people have been very keen to talk to you and share their knowledge.
"Definitely come. It's a free event. There's so much in the way of friendly people who are here to offer their support, their guidance and their knowledge. What more can we ask for.”

Stephanie Peckham, Nurse, Nuffield Health Chichester

“I've come because I deal with a lot of patients with diabetes in the community where I work and also, as a type 1 diabetic myself, I'm really interested to find out more about what's going on, and a lot about the technological advances too.
"I didn't realise it would be so big. There are a lot of people here and that's great because there'll be a wealth of knowledge and expertise.”

Nia Cound, Health and Social Care Assistant, My Care, My Way

“I've come to get myself up-to-date across the breadth of diabetes … There's so much to be seen here so it was easy to get lots of stuff covered in just one day.”

Jennifer Beynon, Diabetes Consultant, University Hospital of South Manchester

“Three words that sum up DPC - up-to-date, accessible, enjoyable.”

Maria Padfield, Diabetes Specialist Healthcare Professional PDSN, East Surrey Hospital

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