The Live Debate


What is the best way to identify the ‘missing million’ undiagnosed living with T2 diabetes?

DPC2019 Live Debate shone a light on, and brought attention to, the ‘missing million’ or so people who are living with type 2 diabetes in the UK but are undiagnosed.

Our DPC Conference Chair, Dr Mike Sadler, has done some exciting work in this area with the Southampton General Hospital diabetes team. This has included visiting cricket and football matches to screen fans, of whom many may be deemed to have ‘high-risk’ factors.

There are also arguments for population screening, and mass education and awareness, so our panellists – who include Beth Kelly, Community Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Southampton City, Solent NHS Trust, and experts from the NHS Diabetes Programme –  will debate this topic from different angles and argue for:

  • Population screening
  • Selective or targeted high-risk case finding
  • Mass education and awareness campaigns


The DPC Live Debate is one of the show highlights, and this year’s session promises to be as lively and hotly debated as ever – so make sure you turn up early to get a seat at this always packed and popular session!

Watch it again! 

DPC2018 Live Debate 

At DPC2018, our Live Debate on ‘Preventing childhood obesity – whose responsibility?’ was hotly debated from different angles by our four expert panellists, with lively and informed input and opinions from a packed audience of healthcare professionals.

You can view the recording of the DPC2018 Live Debate below.



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