The Edge

The Edge

DPC’s innovation zone showcases start-ups, who have developed or are in the process of developing pioneering new products and services in diabetes care. This is the place to discover dynamic technology solutions for improving diabetes healthcare and it is always very popular with visitors.

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At GENDIUS, we have been working over the last two and a half years to help people live better with their diabetes. Our Intellin™ platform is designed to help slow the development of secondary complications. Funding has been received from both Innovate UK and SBRI this year that will allow Intellin™ to be tested in clinical trials in both Diabetic Foot Ulcer and Gestational Diabetes.

Additionally, Gendius has secured Series A funding from Catapult Ventures in the last few weeks. This funding will allow a commercial launch of Intellin™ in mid-2018.

Please come and see us at the Edge to learn more about our plans!


Innovation Zed

Innovation Zed will introduce its InsulCheck range, to help people with diabetes manage their insulin adherence and achieve better condition management. With the InsulCheck Classic and InsulCheck Connect versions, Innovation Zed offers both a stand alone and Bluetooth connected approach for insulin pen users. So visit the stand to find out how Innovation Zed can enhance diabetes management applications with insulin pen data 'on the go'.

Inotec Logo


Inotec AMD is a specialist company in Woundcare, formed specifically to introduce a new technology – NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy - to healthcare professionals around the world, and promote faster and better healing for patients.

Designed Simply to Heal Wounds - NATROX® is a medical device which is designed to deliver continuous topical humidified oxygen to the wound bed. The product is a simple to use, battery operated device, which stimulates wound healing in non-healing or complex wounds and reduces associated wound pain. NATROX® has been specifically designed for patients, as it enables normal mobility by being portable, lightweight and discreet.



Oviva is an innovative healthcare provider committed to using technology to revolutionise clinical outcomes and reduce the cost of care in dietetic therapy. Oviva’s NICE-aligned programmes for type 2 diabetes are delivered remotely by a registered dietitian. Programmes provide personalised care, combining structured education with behavioural change via the Oviva app and online learning portal. With uptake of c.90% and high completion rates, participants have achieved significantly more weight loss and larger reductions in Hba1c in comparison to traditional models. By improving clinical outcomes and access, Oviva Diabetes Support can also reduce avoidable prescribing and service spend.



PillTime is an industry leading revolution in the field of medical compliance. We facilitate the smooth personal management of patients taking multiple medications per day, with highly evolved robotic technologies blended with the very best practice in patient care.
Our process is simple; we obtain a patient’s prescription from their GP, synchronise their medication, package their tablets by dose in clear pouches labelled with the contents, date and time of when to take them. The pouches are on a roll inside a robustly designed dispensing box and are perforated for easy tearing off.
We are medication made simple.



Thriva was started in 2016 because we believe everyone should be empowered to proactively control their health and be able to live the best version of their lives.

One of our founders has a long-term health condition, which means that he needs regular blood tests. He wanted a way to easily track what was going on inside his body, without having to take time off work and book appointments. Thriva was created because that solution didn’t exist and we believe it should. Thriva is a fingerprick blood testing service where people can take samples in their own home, have a GP review them and get the results back via a secure online dashboard.

We have developed Thriva for Specialists, to empower practitioners to give care remotely. Specialists choose the blood test that a patient needs, the sample collection process is the same but the results come back to the specialists for review. Personalised commentary is added online, before being shared on the patient’s online dashboard.



TickleFLEX is an award-winning universal fit ‘Insulin Injection Aid’ that supports best practice for injecting with short needles. It fits to the end of an insulin pen and makes self-injecting a safer, more comfortable, more consistent and worry-free process. Using TickleFLEX is seamless – it distracts, gathers and secures. The textured fingers tickle the skin, saturating the local nerves to mask any pain. As the needle enters, the fingers gather a small fold of subcutaneous tissue helping to direct the insulin. As TickleFLEX gathers, it secures the skin, preventing needle shear from an unsteady hand. TickleFLEX is a Class I Medical Device.

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