The Cutting Edge


“The Cutting Edge is our area dedicated to the most innovative start-up companies in diabetes. We want to make sure that, alongside more established companies in diabetes care, there's the opportunity for smaller companies to be here as well.“

Toby Baker, Event Director, Diabetes Professional Care

DPC’s innovation zone will return to DPC2020to showcase start-ups, who have developed or are in the process of developing pioneering new products and services in diabetes care. This is the place to discover dynamic technology solutions for improving diabetes healthcare and it is always very popular with visitors.

The Cutting Edge exhibitors at DPC2019 included:

Full Stop Bowl

The Full Stop Bowl is a uniquely shaped portion control bowl, designed to contain about the same capacity of food as the relaxed human stomach. The bowl enables portion control without weighing and counting calories, and was designed by product designer and yo-yo dieter Alix Avery to change her eating habits permanently. Visit the stand at the Cutting Edge to see the Full Stop Bowl for yourself. is the category creator for smartphone urinalysis, offering the only CE marked and FDA cleared home urine test equivalent to lab-based devices. Its pioneering technology is shifting clinical grade urinalysis from the lab to the home. With 42 million annual urine tests undertaken in the NHS,’s first product line digitises urinalysis, a key diagnostic test used across clinical pathways such as diabetes, hypertension, CKD, antenatal care and UTIs. Fully integrated into clinical systems, our innovation empowers patients to self-test with no quality-compromise and securely share results with a clinician from any location using a test kit and mobile app. is developing a second product line focused on a smartphone wound assessment tool to analyse chronic wounds over time and facilitate better care coordination for the 2.2m UK chronic wound patients.


Mobile apps to communicate and engage with your patients, families, carers and staff more effectively. Live demos on stand of how 15 NHS trusts (paediatric, transition and adult diabetes services) use Piota to deliver a better experience for patients while saving time and cost.

Remidio Innovative Solutions PVT

Remidio designs and develops smart, innovative and disruptive imaging technologies in vision care, using a product development approach called ‘Design Thinking’. Founded by professionals with a passion for product innovation, Remidio is currently focused on creating game-changing products and solutions in the ophthalmology space.

Our solutions include interesting, one-of-a-kind technologies such as Offline Artificial Intelligence for the detection of diabetic retinopathy. Visit our stand to see the latest innovations in ophthalmology.

Span Health

Span delivers a treatment for remission of type 2 diabetes, PCOS, and metabolic syndrome. On a mobile application, patients receive individualized care from dietitians continuously adjusting to reduce hyperinsulinemia.

Backed by NHS Innovation, ESNEFT, Dr. Westman from Duke, and Stanford University. Available on the NHS AppStore in a few days.