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The Cutting Edge


“The Cutting Edge is our area dedicated to the most innovative start-up companies in diabetes. We want to make sure that, alongside more established companies in diabetes care, there's the opportunity for smaller companies to be here as well.“

Toby Baker, Event Director, DPC2019

DPC’s innovation zone will return to DPC2019 to showcase start-ups, who have developed or are in the process of developing pioneering new products and services in diabetes care. This is the place to discover dynamic technology solutions for improving diabetes healthcare and it is always very popular with visitors.

Watch our interview with previous The Edge exhibitor TickleFLEX,
who moved to the main exhibition at DPC2018

The Edge exhibitors at DPC2018 included:

Counterweight Logo


Why treat type-2 diabetes as a chronic condition when Counterweight-Plus helps patients to remission? The intervention used in the DiRECT clinical trial saw 46% of intervention patients achieve remission at 1 year versus 4% who were on a standard NHS pathway. Speak to Counterweight to get this life-changing option for your patients.

Innovation Zed

Innovation Zed will introduce its InsulCheck range, to help people with diabetes manage their insulin adherence and achieve better condition management. With the InsulCheck Classic and InsulCheck Connect versions, Innovation Zed offers both a stand alone and Bluetooth connected approach for insulin pen users. So visit the stand to find out how Innovation Zed can enhance diabetes management applications with insulin pen data ‘on the go’.

Medopad Ultralight Logo


At Medopad, we want to create a world where people can live longer. A world where the best minds continue doing their best work. A world where we can spend more time with our loved ones. Our technology takes a modular approach which means we cover a wide variety of disease areas to deliver better and more personalised care by transforming the way patients and data interact with clinicians. Our Artificial Intelligence division uses data collected through our platform to generate predictive insights which will be able to detect life threatening medical conditions. We partner closely with the world’s largest healthcare systems, pharma companies, research institutes, insurers and technology companies like Apple and Tencent to solve some of the biggest problems in rare, chronic and complex disease monitoring. Medopad was recently named a $1 billion health tech company in the making by KPMG.

Metabolic Health Solutions Logo

Metabolic Health Solutions

MHS is a health solutions company that has developed technology & applied systems to measure, monitor and manage metabolic health. Our lead technology, ECAL was the first metabolic monitor produced for clinical management of metabolic conditions including Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity and Insulin Resistance.

ECAL is a compact, portable medical device measuring metabolic rate and fuel utilisation in patients, providing accurate informative data, interpretations and therapeutic recommendations.

A person’s metabolic flexibility, their ability to burn fat and their metabolic rate is highly individual. Yet clinically measuring these parameters is extremely difficult. ECAL, through a simple 5-8 minute breathing test, provides accurate measures of metabolic rate and fuel utilisation. Regular testing allows for individualised diets to improve metabolic flexibility, and support long-term weight and metabolic health improvements.

ECAL is used in more than 8 countries on 3 continents and is also being used in sports nutrition and sports performance applications.
My Way Digital Health Logo

My Way Digital Health (MWDH)

MyWay Digital Health Ltd is a spin out company from the University of Dundee, who aim to help patients manage their own condition and to develop further innovative and cost saving digital health solutions.

My Diabetes My Way is our flagship product. It is an award-winning, data-driven online self-management platform for people with diabetes giving access to:

  • Over 200 multi-media education resources
  • Healthcare data access (electronic personal health record)
  • Home recorded data upload
  • Communication tools to support remote care
  • Smartphone app
  • Personalised advice and support

My Diabetes My Way is the only national diabetes self-management platform in the world, running across all of NHS Scotland with over 38,000 registrants.

Qured Logo


Qured is revolutionising the patient experience of primary care by providing individual healthcare that is both affordable and highly convenient.

The Qured platform allows patients to access affordable private healthcare at the touch of a button. They can book a doctor or physio to a chosen location within two hours, seven days a week, avoiding the lengthy and inconvenient process of organising and attending an appointment at a surgery. Qured’s mission is to remove barriers to primary care, improving access for all.

Thermetrix Logo

Thermetrix Ltd

Thermetrix™ is a private equity backed UK company using its thermal imaging expertise to manage health conditions with innovative preventative care technology.

Our first product is the Podium™ diabetic foot care monitor & app which provides diabetics with a daily thermal image of their feet. The images & daily assessment sheet can be shared with family members, carers and healthcare professionals. The Podium aims to identify potential issues early to help minimise the occurrences of diabetic foot issues.

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