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Michael Cummings

Michael Cummings

Consultant and Honorary Professor in Diabetes and Endocrinology, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust Queen Alexandra Hospital
Professor Michael Cummings is a Consultant and Honorary Professor in Diabetes and Endocrinology at the Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust Queen Alexandra Hospital. He is also an active member of the British Medical Association and Diabetes UK. Professor Cummings played a lead role in developing the Dysglycaemia, Oxidative Stress, and the Vascular Endothelium (DOVE) project at Portsmouth University. Many findings from this work have been presented at national and international meetings and accepted in peer-reviewed journals for publication. Professor Cummings’ major areas of interest in diabetes are linked to cardiovascular disease and risks (in particular, dyslipidemia and microalbuminuria), pancreatic exocrine insufficiency in diabetes, the effects of diabetes on pregnancy, and erectile dysfunction. He also has a specialist endocrine interest in thyroid nodules and hypogonadism. His research interests are in endothelial dysfunction, oxidative stress, dysglycaemia, and lipid metabolism. Professor Cummings is Co-Diabetes Lead for the Wessex Comprehensive Local Research Network and until recently, Programme Director for Specialist Registrar training in Wessex. He lectures widely on diabetes- and lipid-related topics and has published extensively on these areas, including lipid metabolism. He is the Associate Editor of Practical Diabetes and Subeditor of Diabetes Digest.
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