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Jay Verma

Jay Verma

Shakespeare Health Centre, Hillingdon, GP
Dr Jay Verma has been a partner at Shakespeare Health Centre (SHC) since 2014 and contributed extensively in turning around the once poor performing practice to a successful one that delivers high quality care. SHC won the General Practice Awards in 2017 for the best Clinical Team of the Year in Diabetes. He served as the chair and CEO for Clover Health – a network of 15 practices looking after 90,000 patients – for over three years. They deployed extremely challenging pilot projects in a short tight frame such as the Extended Access Hub and the Community Paediatric Clinic. The latter also won the best Clinical Team of the Year in Paediatrics in 2017. A staunch supporter of primary care and recognising the need to work collaboratively, Dr. Verma has delivered many talks on shared working and optimising workflow safely on the national platform.
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