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Diabetes Professional Care
15-16 November 2023, Olympia London

The UK's leading event for the entire team involved in the prevention, treatment and management of diabetes and its related conditions.

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Debbie Hicks MSc, BA, RGN, NMP, DN Cert, PWT Cert

Debbie Hicks MSc, BA, RGN, NMP, DN Cert, PWT Cert

Independent Consultant - Diabetes Nursing
DEBBIE HICKS MSc, BA, RN, NMP, DN Cert, PWT Cert Independent Consultant – Diabetes Nursing, Co-Chair – Trend Diabetes (Training, Research and Education for Nursing in Diabetes) Chair – Injection Technique Matters Editorial Board Member – The Diabetes Times Debbie began in diabetes nursing in 1990 where she developed the Diabetes Specialist Nursing Service in Hull from being a lone practitioner to being the lead DSN with seven other DSN colleagues. She is an Independent Nurse prescriber. In September 2005, she moved south to take up the post of Nurse Consultant – Diabetes. She led a team of four nurses and two administrative staff. The role of the Enfield Community Services Diabetes Nursing team is to provide high-quality, patient-centred diabetes care based within the community. In January 2019 she took up a new post working with Medicus Health Partners to improve diabetes care delivery within a group of fourteen like-minded General Practices in Enfield, north London. She has been involved in various national groups, including as the Chair of the Diabetes Nursing Strategy Group. She was Chair of the National Nurse Consultant Group from 2012 to 2014. Debbie has published over a hundred and forty papers in the UK, Italy, France and the United States, with seventy as first author, since she began in diabetes nursing in 1990. Topics of publication include insulin therapy, injection device choice, injection technique, blood glucose monitoring, care delivery, patient education, service redesign and many more. She has presented papers in the UK, Middle Africa, Belgium, Norway, Middle East, New Zealand, Israel, Switzerland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Debbie was a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Diabetes Nursing since it was first published in 1996 and included her “Diabetes Issues” problem page. She was the Editor-in-Chief from July 2007 to November 2017. Debbie is currently a member of the editorial board of The Diabetes Times. Debbie is the founding member and Co-Chair of Trend Diabetes (Training, Research and Education for Nurses in Diabetes) that was launched in January 2010. She was also the First Chair and founder of FIT-UK, now Chair of Injection Technique Matters – Best Practice in Diabetes Care that aims to encourage best practice in injection technique for all healthcare professionals, and people living with diabetes using injectable therapies to ensure optimum benefit from these medications. In 2013, Debbie won two National awards for her work on injection safety. In October 2018 Debbie, as part of Trend Diabetes, won the QIC Excellence in Diabetes Care award and a month later won the DPC Special Achievement award. In 2019, Debbie was invited to a Prime Minister’s Reception held at 10, Downing Street by Theresa May for her contribution to care for people with diabetes. Debbie retired from working within the NHS in May 2023, however, she is heavily involved in education for healthcare professionals locally, nationally and internationally through various mediums sharing best practice and innovation in diabetes care delivery. She still finds diabetes care challenging, stimulating and highly rewarding even after thirty-three years. May 2023