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Alice Chapman-Hatchett

Alice Chapman-Hatchett

Director, Health and Europe Centre
Alice Chapman-Hatchett is the Director of the Health and Europe Centre, a social enterprise within the National Health Service. The Centre works to bring European learning, practice and policy to the local NHS public health community, focussing on health inequalities and social determinants of health. The Centre has a unique understanding of how innovation can be practically transferred and implemented between health and social care systems in Europe. The Centre is currently running 9 EU-funded health research projects, all improving patient services and care, with a project portfolio in excess of €67m. Alice has extensive European and public sector experience in directing and managing international projects and partnerships in Europe and further afield. She has worked in European Affairs for local and regional government in the UK and has 13 years of experience working in the public health field, in areas such as diabetes, dementia, sexual health, health systems, perinatal mental health, social inclusion, men’s mental health and healthy diets. Alice is also the President of EPHA, the European Public Health Alliance. EPHA was established in 1993 as a member-led alliance of some 80 organisations comprising public health interested NGOs such as patient and citizens’ groups, health professional and disease-specific groups, to strengthen the people’s voice in European public health discussions.
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