Prof Gerry Rayman

Head of Service at the Diabetes and Endocrine Centre, the Diabetic Foot Clinic and lead of the Diabetes Research Unit,
Ipswich Hospitals NHS Trust

Gerry Rayman is head of service at the Diabetes and Endocrine Centre, the Diabetic Foot Clinic and lead of the Diabetes Research Unit at Ipswich Hospitals NHS Trust. He is Hon. Professor at the University of East Anglia and Visiting Professor at the University of Suffolk. He is immediate past president of the Royal Society of Medicine Diabetes and Endocrine section. He contributes to research into complications of diabetes, particularly foot complications and new technologies in diabetes care including continuous glucose sensing methodologies and new drug therapies. He is actively involved in innovations in diabetes service delivery, patient education, and medical education.

The Diabetic Foot Unit established by Dr Rayman in 1995 is world renown having demonstrated that a multidisciplinary foot team can reduce in lower limb amputation by over 75%. As chief medical advisor to DiabetesUK he launched the ‘Putting feet first’ campaign aimed at reducing amputation rates across the UK. He contributed to NICE guidelines on the diabetic foot, CG10 and CG119 and NG19. He contributed to NCPOD’s Lower Limb Amputation report. He is current lead of the East of England Diabetes Foot Network.

Gerry has a significant national role in inpatient diabetes care. He is the innovator and lead of the National Diabetes Inpatient Audit and has developed a number of new service initiatives to reduce harm to inpatients with diabetes. He is a member of the Joint British Diabetes Societies Inpatient guideline development group, and DiabetesUK’s lead for Inpatient Diabetes. He has recently been appointed chair of DiabetesUK’s Clinical Study Group for inpatient diabetes and is involved in NECPOD’s current enquiry into Perioperative Diabetes Care.

Very recently he has been appointed co-lead for the National GIRFT (Getting It Right First Time) for Diabetes which aims to reduce variation in diabetes care across England.

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