Prof Alan Sinclair

MSc, MD, FRCP, Director,
Foundation for Diabetes Research in Older People (FDROP), Diabetes Frail Ltd

Professor Alan Sinclair is an international expert in diabetes and clinical gerontology and is Director of the Foundation for Diabetes Research in Older People at Diabetes Frail Ltd based in Bedfordshire, England. Professor Sinclair is also Hon Professor of Diabetes at the Heart of England NHS University Hospital in Birmingham UK, and Hon Professor of Metabolic Medicine at Aston University. He is a former Professor of Medicine at the University of Bedfordshire and former Dean at the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Postgraduate Medical School. He has provided advice for the UK NICE organisation, Diabetes UK, ABCD, Joint British Diabetes Societies, Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the UK Government Department of Health on matters relating to diabetes in older people. He has produced international guidelines on diabetes care for older people available on

He has interests in ageing and frailty, nutrition, stroke illness, end of life diabetes care, care home diabetes and cognitive dysfunction/Alzheimer’s disease. He co-led the development of the IDF Guideline on Managing Older People with Type 2 Diabetes and is Chair of the European Diabetes Working Party for Older People (EDWPOP) which has produced three sets of international clinical guidance. Alan has been designated a WHO Expert in Diabetes and recently appointed to a World Expert Group on Frailty by the WHO. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of the IAGG in 2013 for services to older people and diabetes. He is the author of many papers in the area of geriatrics, frailty, nutrition and diabetes. Professor Sinclair has been involved in collaboration in 6 EU-funded projects connected with frailty and older people including patients with diabetes.

After successfully establishing in 2008, the first Institute of its kind devoted to diabetes in older people (Institute of Diabetes for Older People, IDOP) he launched in 2014, Diabetes Frail, a not for profit research organisation dedicated to developing high quality research in older people and in those with diabetes, frailty and/or dementia.

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