Kevin Jasper

DWELL Patient Ambassador,
Medway Community Healthcare

At the age of 36 Kevin was able to achieve a place at a university to take a joint honours degree in English Literature and Education and entered into the teaching profession.

Initially as a class teacher in a junior school he was enticed to enter the secondary school system teaching English alongside Mathematics, IT and Business Studies.

After a few medical issues Kevin was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Over the next seven years Kevin was unable to get his condition under control and was at this point taking 36 units of insulin twice each day.

Kevin made the decision in 2015 that his stamina as a teacher was dropping and was able to take early retirement from teaching and became a man of leisure.

When the opportunity came to participate in the DWELL (Diabetes and WELLbeing) European Research Project Kevin volunteered to be part of the initial pilot group and contributed a lot to the development of the programme.

Since taking part in the DWELL programme Kevin has found that he has been better able to control his diabetes through diet, exercise and subsequently reduced his weight and saw his insulin intake drop to just 12 units twice each day.

Since then Kevin has become a DWELL Ambassador and looks for every opportunity to help others in joining a DWELL course and supporting the participants through the DWELL programme. Kevin also runs the weekly DWELL craft group and has participated in DWELL cross border meetings in the UK and the Netherlands.

Kevin Jasper