Dr Trudi Deakin

Chief Executive & Consultant Research Dietician,
X-PERT Health

I am the chief executive of a charity specialising in research, training and structured education in the prevention and management of conditions such as diabetes and obesity. I obtained a degree in nutrition and dietetics in 1993, a post graduate teaching qualification (PGCE) in 1998 and a doctorate in diabetes in 2004.

As founder of X-PERT Health and author of the X-PERT Programmes, I have trained more than 1,500 healthcare professionals to become educators, which has permitted the delivery of structured education to more than 250,000 people with pre diabetes or diabetes. The clinical trial published in 2006 demonstrated that the X-PERT Programme significantly improves both health and quality of life along with a reduced requirement for medication. We perform annual audits and benchmark the results to the outcomes from the clinical trial to ensure that health improvement is still being achieved. We have partnered with one of the providers of the National Diabetes Prevention Programme in the UK and are proud that many more people will receive up-to-date and evidence based information to help them prevent Type 2 diabetes.

In 2017 we re-launched the X-PERT Insulin programme under the strapline of “reduce or omit”, which recognises that lifestyle changes can reduce requirement for insulin in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. More recently in January 2018 we launched the X-PERT Weight programme that provides people with the tools they need to achieve sustainable weight loss.

I am a visiting fellow at the University of Hertfordshire and a founding member of the Public Health Collaboration. These additional positions enable me to further develop professional and patient education systems that enable people to manage their long term condition, improving health and well-being, and saving healthcare costs.

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