Dr Lee David

GP, Director,
10 Minute CBT

Dr Lee David is a GP in Berkshire, who also practices as a cognitive-behavioural therapist, and has an MA in CBT. She is the founder and director of the educational organisation 10 Minute CBT which provide training for health professionals to develop skills in evidence-based, realistic and effective brief CBT concepts in to use in routine primary care consultations. They provide lectures, interactive training workshops and online training via the website (www.10minuteCBT.co.uk).

10 Minute CBT is used in a wide variety of settings including primary care mental health, medication and chronic disease management and for cancer and palliative care. Dr David has a particular interest in promoting patient self-management for both physical and emotional problems, including facilitating behaviour change and motivating lifestyle changes, and care of psychological aspects of physical health conditions, such as low mood and anxiety, which can affect patient wellbeing, quality of life and physical health outcomes.

Dr David is author of the textbook, Using CBT in General Practice: The 10 Minute CBT Handbook (Scion Publishing,2013) and is in the process of writing a new book on understanding and managing anxiety disorders in primary care. She also has an interest in mindfulness, self-compassion and in supporting health professionals to develop emotional resilience and wellbeing at work.

Lee David