Dr Farhan Rabbani

Medical Director,
The Diabetes Reversal Company

Dr. Rabbani is the Founder and Medical Director of The Diabetes Reversal Company – an organisation specialising in combining the principles of lifestyle medicine with the scientific evidence from recent clinical trials to reverse Type 2 Diabetes. He is also the Founder and Medical Director of an award winning GP Federation in the London borough of Sutton.

Dr. Rabbani is one of the leading voices in the emerging field of medicine known as Lifestyle Medicine which focuses on using evidence based lifestyle interventions to treat lifestyle related diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes. He is a GP Partner and GP Trainer at Wallington Medical Centre and is well known in Sutton for “thinking differently” and challenging the status quo.

At his Practice he has introduced a framework for delivering effective lifestyle interventions within a 10-15 minute consultation which is being used by the clinicians in his practice to help patients make long term changes to their lifestyle behaviours. The results are incredible. Their mission is to teach other health care professionals how to implement this framework in their own consultation so that patients can optimise their care holistically without resorting to polypharmacy.

Farhan Rabbani