Dr David Strain

Senior Clinical Lecturer,
University of Exeter Medical School

Dr David Strain is a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School. He studied at Liverpool University before completing his Doctorate in Medicine on ‘The ethnic difference in the effects of insulin resistance on the vasculature’ at the International Centre for Cardiovascular Health, Imperial College London.

Dr Strain’s main research focus is the health of older adults with diabetes and ensuring the right patient gets the right treatment. Part of his research explores the benefits associated with antidiabetic medications, beyond their effect on sugar and blood pressure, in determining if physicians can better select medication based on individual patient needs. He has performed the only study to date demonstrating the feasibility of individualising targets for older adults with diabetes across Europe, which helped to inform the new UK guidance document for the management of older adults with diabetes and frailty.

Dr Strain also chairs the steering committee that includes Sir Michael Hirst, current president of the International Diabetes Federation, working on the “Time 2 Do More” project. This project aims to address the phenomenon of ‘clinical inertia’ by encouraging patients and physicians to communicate more effectively and respond appropriately to changes in patient circumstances.

Dr David Strain

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