Dr Alka Patel

GP, Health Coach, Lifestyle Medicine Physician,
Lifestyle First (Alka Consultancy and Coaching Solutions)

Dr Alka Patel is a GP, Health Coach and Lifestyle Medicine Physician.
She is the Founder of Lifestyle First® and the Creator of The Lifestyle First Method®

Her passion project is: to sew the seeds of lifestyle medicine into everyday conversations, to embed the roots of health into daily living, to create a canopy of health coaches across communities and to flourish on the fruits of connectivity.

Her approach to healthcare is centered on the knowledge that disease is preventable, reversible and reducible and that health lies in prioritising self-care and valuing lifestyle first.

She empowers individuals to achieve a sustainable healthy and happy lifestyle aligned to personal and professional goals, and she supports organisations in seeking creative solutions that push boundaries towards new possibilities in the delivery of innovative healthcare.

She is a Regional Director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and an Ambassador for the UK Health Coaches Association.

Find her on www.dralkapatel.com

alka Patel