Speaker Testimonials

Keith Vaz_400

"This is a critical conference for the way in which diabetes has developed and operated over the previous 12 months. But also, it’s a conference for the future because it looks at areas where we can improve diabetes care.
“What Maggie [Meer, DPC’s founder] has done over the last 4 years is to make DPC the state-of-the-art conference for professionals, manufacturers, government and policymakers. Where else would you get so many people with an interest in diabetes under one roof?
“It’s a big event and it’s an extremely important event for the formulation of policy, and I look forward to it immensely every single year."

Keith Vaz MP, Chair APPG for Diabetes and DPC2018 speaker

Sarah Gregory

"Diabetes Professional Conference (DPC) 2018 was the first time I attended – and I was impressed! Of course, there are other conferences, but one of the things that was mentioned to me in person, and on the Forum, is that because it is free it has a different audience. I spoke to practice nurses, care home nurses and community nursing staff – who may not be ‘specialist’ in the area of diabetes but who support people with diabetes – and who often cannot fund themselves to attend other conferences.
“The seminars, workshops and lectures I felt were aimed at a wider audience with some excellent resources and knowledge being shared, and the atmosphere during both days was brilliant.
“I will definitely be returning again next year – and look forward to the bigger, better venue to allow more of the wider diabetes professional population to attend."

Sarah Gregory, In-patient Diabetes Specialist Nurse, East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust, and DPC2018 speaker

Partha Kar_400

"Come along. It doesn't seem to have any bias associated with it and we like that. For us, in the role that we do, it gives us a forum to talk to people and be accessible.
"I'd say to anyone out there, there's a lot of education, a lot of policy, a lot of interaction, a lot of learning from each other."

Dr Partha Kar, Associate National Clinical Director for Diabetes, NHS England and DPC2018 Keynote Speaker

Mike Sadler_400

"What we've tried to do is have lots of opportunities for interaction. So we have the debate, a lot of workshops, a lot of opportunities for people to sit with experts and talk about what are the advances, how do we make it happen in our area and I'm sure from that we've achieved a great deal.
"What we have is policy makers, clinicians, managers, leaders, all mixing together.
And I think if you get experts and those on the front line mixing together in a really good learning environment, that's when you get major change."

Dr Mike Sadler, Conference Chair, Diabetes Professional Care

Chris Aldred

"It was great to see sessions including people with diabetes… The power of the lived experience should never be underestimated."

Chris Aldred, The Grumpy Pumper, PWD and DPC2018 Speaker