Speaker Testimonials

Keith Vaz_400

“The show was fantastically well attended with two busy days. This is a truly interactive conference and one that makes a big difference to people's lives.
"What is special about DPC is that it brings together so many disparate groups under one roof, once a year. Where people can come and exchange information, find out what is going on, and then go back and be enthused about the changes that have been brought to them. I think it's amazing.
"I've dreamed about the diabetes village, talked about the diabetes village and here it is. It's important this conference is free and all these healthcare professionals can come here. They are the living embodiment of the diabetes village.“

Keith Vaz MP, Chair, All Party Parliamentary Group for Diabetes and DPC2017 Keynote Speaker

Partha Kar_400

“Come along. It doesn't seem to have any bias associated with it and we like that. For us, in the role that we do, it gives us a forum to talk to people and be accessible. 
"I'd say to anyone out there, there's a lot of education, a lot of policy, a lot of interaction, a lot of learning from each other.”

Dr Partha Kar, Associate National Clinical Director for Diabetes, NHS England and DPC2017 Keynote Speaker

Muir Gray_400

“I think it's very important because frontline staff are very hard pushed and that's why I ask them what are they going to do differently as a result of this. People need to be able to step out a little bit, meet other people and go back and do something different.
"The professionals are institutionalised where all they think is we need more money. Well there isn't going to be more money, not to meet need and demand. So they have to come here, meet the exhibitors, meet the industry and meet one another.”

Prof Sir Muir Gray, Director, Better Value Healthcare & Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust and DPC2017 Keynote Speaker

Mike Sadler_400

“What we've tried to do is have lots of opportunities for interaction. So we have the debate, a lot of workshops, a lot of opportunities for people to sit with experts and talk about what are the advances, how do we make it happen in our area and I'm sure from that we've achieved a great deal.
"What we have is policy makers, clinicians, managers, leaders, all mixing together.
And I think if you get experts and those on the front line mixing together in a really good learning environment, that's when you get major change.”

Dr Mike Sadler, Conference Chair, Diabetes Professional Care

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