When is the right time to start GLP-1 RA treatment in people living with type 2 diabetes?

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Many people living with type 2 diabetes are escalated from oral therapies to basal insulin. Approximately 87% of patients starting on basal insulin skipped the GLP-1 RA* class altogether1 without trying a GLP-1 RA class first. GLP-1 RA therapies offer glycaemic control, have a lower risk of hypoglycaemia and are associated with reductions in body weight compared with weight gain with insulin, with the added benefit of some GLP-1 RAs allowing for once weekly injections, as opposed to daily for insulin.2,3 Based on these considerations,  international guidelines suggest to consider a GLP-1 RA before trying basal insulin for patients with type 2 diabetes who are not meeting desired targets with oral therapies.4,5

In this symposium we shall explore the:

  • extent of the burden of T2D on the NHS
  • latest evidence-based recommendations in managing T2D
  • the role of GLP-1 RA therapy in the multi-modal treatment of T2D
  • considerations when choosing GLP-1 RA or basal insulin

*GLP-1 RA; glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonists

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*This session has been organised and funded by Novo Nordisk

Wednesday 30 October 2019

11:50 - 12:30

Primary, Community & Specialist Care

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Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Community Diabetes Specialist Team, CNWL – Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust