What are the key considerations when creating a diabetes mealplan?

The workshop will commence with a discussion about the different dietary approaches that are suitable for people living with Type 2 diabetes. This discussion will include identification of the factors and safety concerns that the patient will need to consider before deciding which dietary approach to try. There are some essential messages that apply to any dietary approach and these will be explored and summarised to provide delegates with simple-to-remember take home messages. Finally, delegates will be provided with food packaging demo cards and will have an opportunity to identify suitable meals to support the different dietary approaches.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify four dietary approaches suitable for people with Type 2 diabetes
  • State the factors and safety concerns that need to be considered when supporting patients in choosing their preferred dietary approach
  • List four essential components for any dietary approach
  • Choose a suitable breakfast, lunch and evening meal for each dietary approach

Tuesday 29 October 2019

17:30 - 18:10

Nutrition & Lifestyle

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Chief Executive & Consultant Research Dietitian, X-PERT Health