The importance of a person-centred and evidence-based approach to the management of type 2 diabetes

Kevin Fernando (GPwSI Diabetes & Medical Education, North Berwick Health Centre) and Su Down (Nurse Consultant Diabetes, Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust) will guide you through an interactive panel discussion on why an individualised approach is important for the management of the person with T2DM based on their individual clinical characteristics.

Learning outcomes (Objectives):

  • Attendees will understand why an individualised approach is vital for the management of a person with T2DM based on their clinical characteristics
  • Attendees will participate in a scientific discussion around the available oral T2DM treatment options


‘Prescribing information and adverse event reporting information is available at this meeting.’

Target audience:

  • Primary Care & Non-Specialist – designed for healthcare professionals who are not specialists in diabetes or related conditions, and who may work in a Primary Care setting
  • Specialist – these sessions are designed for specialists in diabetes and related conditions. Sessions may also be appropriate for Primary Care specialists or leads in diabetes and related conditions

Job code: GB-STE-00234
Date of preparation: September 2019

This promotional symposium is organised and fully funded by MSD.

Wednesday 30 October 2019

11:50 - 12:30


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GP Partner & Medical Education & Scottish Lead, North Berwick Health Centre, GPwSI Diabetes, Primary Care Diabetes Society
Susan Down
Nurse Consultant Diabetes, Somerset Primary Care Trust and Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust