The essential guide to the foot in diabetes

What are the issues with the foot in diabetes? An overview of the foot in Diabetes; snapshot on related complications, basic assessment, RISK stratification and NICE guidelines. Will give you the key aspect and outcomes of the foot in diabetes.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the link between diabetes and the lower limb
  • Understand why identification of risk is so important at screening
  • Understand what services and pathways are available (NICE, CPR, SIGN)
  • What do to with a low, moderate, high and acute foot when it presents in front of you
  • Key messages to give to patients to avoid foot disease or the complication of foot disease

Tuesday 29 October 2019

10:10 - 10:50

Foot & Wound

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Clinical Specialist Orthotist, Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust and Kings College Hospital
Fatima Cassim
Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist Imperial College Healthcare