Safety Awareness in giving 3rd Party insulin injections, Reducing NSIs in hospital and community setting

Healthcare worker safety – Injecting Insulin in a hospital setting or care home. The session addresses Needle stick injury awareness (NSI) and the risks associated with NSIs. It explores the use of safety needle devices and the supporting legislation available to protect healthcare workers injecting insulin patients in a home care setting, hospital and or care home.

Learning outcomes:

  • Awareness of needlestick injury safety
  • Risks associated with needlestick injuries
  • EU legislation safe practice, protecting yourself and your organisation
  • Evaluating safety devices
  • Practical session: using a safety device

Wednesday 14th November 2018

16:40 - 17:10


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Amanda Epps
Lead Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Medway NHS Foundation Trust and Founder of the DSN forum UK

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