Management of diabetes in the frail elderly

Treatment of elderly patients with type 2 diabetes is particularly challenging given the increased likelihood of comorbidities. In addition to micro- and macrovascular complications of diabetes, which account for less than half of diabetes-related disability in the elderly, recent evidence shows that frailty and muscle loss are important factors for disability in this population. In this session, Dr Strain will discuss how to assess frailty in older adults with diabetes and will highlight the importance of individualising diabetes management in this population.

Learning outcomes:

  • To describe the impact of diabetes in the frail and elderly
  • To present an updated approach to the assessment of frailty in older adults with diabetes
  • To discuss the recommended therapeutic targets and treatment options for the frail and elderly with type 2 diabetes
  • To understand the change needed in clinical practice based on the new elderly care guidelines

This session has been organised and funded by Novo Nordisk

Wednesday 14th November 2018

10:50 - 11:20

Primary, Community & Specialist Care

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Dr David Strain
Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Exeter Medical School

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