Low Carbohydrate Diets in Type 1 Diabetes. The Type 1 Program

Low Carbohydrate diets can be a good treatment option in Type 1 diabetes. The Type 1 Program has been produced in response to demand from 40000 Type 1’s who enrolled on the original Low Carb Program. It is a personalised, peer supported, digital platform aimed at helping those with type 1 diabetes to transition to a carbohydrate level that best suits their needs. It is intended to be collaborative with health care professionals and there is information and support pack for clinicians who might want to work through the program with their patients.

Learning outcomes:

  • Aspirations of people with type 1 diabetes do not necessarily align with those of clinicians. Type 1’s seem to have more short term lifestyle and well-being goals based on data gathered from the Low Carb Program
  • Research suggests that people on very low carbohydrate diets have far fewer hospitalisations with hypoglycaemia and DKA than those on higher carb diets
  • Whereas only 3% of patients reached the current NICE target in the REPOSE trial, Almost all participants in the very low carbohydrate lifestyle Type1Grit community achieved target.
  • The Type 1 Program personalises the program to an individual and includes help will mental health and addiction.

Wednesday 14th November 2018

16:40 - 17:10

T1 Diabetes


Dr Ian Lake
Medical Officer, Type 1 Diabetes, Diabetes.co.uk

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