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Life with the ball at my feet and the glucose in my pocket

I’ll be talking through my lived experience as an athlete and the preparations I go through to partake in my sport. The talk will also incorporate the challenges of glucose level management and reacting to Hypos in high pressure sporting situations. This is an opportunity to hear the lived experience of a Type 1 Diabetic athlete who’s dealt with all of the condition’s challenges surrounding sport.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding the challenges surrounding blood glucose management to partake in sport.
  • Insight surrounding the lived experience of Type 1 Diabetes and high performance sport.
  • An insight into preparations for sport with Type 1 Diabetes and foreseeing Hypoglycaemia.
  • How a Hypoglycaemia is managed in a sporting situation.

Thursday 15th November 2018

15:55 - 16:25

Hypo Hub


Chris Bright
Founder & Director, The Diabetes Football Community

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