Keynote Panel: The simplicity of type 2 diabetes – and what to do about it

This keynote session will present and discuss the new understanding of type 2 diabetes and what this means for everyday clinical practice. It is now possible to describe what predisposes a person to type 2 diabetes and separately to identify what determines whether or not the disease develops. That basic understanding led to the Counterpoint study which was the first to show why and how type 2 diabetes can be reversed to normal by substantial weight loss. Further studies showed the importance of duration of type 2 diabetes, with very high possibility of remission in newly diagnosed diabetes falling to around 50% up to 10 year of type 2 diabetes. The practicality of achieving 10-15kg weight loss in Primary Care was tested in DiRECT, and many sound pointers to wise management were derived.

Visitors will also here from Mark Olejnik, a person diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and who has since achieved Remission independently – without any outside intervention. Mark will give visitor’s insight into the importance of diet, exercise, and a support structure in his journey to T2 Remission.

Wednesday 30 October 2019

09:00 - 09:50

Primary, Community & Specialist Care

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Person who has achieved Remission without outside intervention
Consultant in Diabetes & Endocrinology, Chairman, Pinderfields Hospital, Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, ABCD
Professor of Medicine and Metabolism and Director, Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre