Injection Technique Matters with Lipohypertrophy ‘Live’ Demonstration

This presentation will explore research that has confirmed that people who use injectable therapies for diabetes can be adversely affected if the correct injected technique is not used at each injection. It will give information on the correct injection technique to be teaching those who need injectable therapies to achieve optimum benefit from their therapy. We will look at some of the adverse effects caused by poor injection technique focusing on Lipohypertrophy. There will then be a ‘Live’ demonstration on Correct Palpation of Injection Sites after which the audience will have chance to perform the same technique on a person with diabetes.

Learning points:

  • Demonstrate the correction injection technique for administering diabetes injectable therapies
  • Be aware of the importance of site selection and site rotation
  • Be aware of the importance for advising on appropriate needle size
  • List the impacts of poor injection technique
  • Examine injection sites for detection of Lipohypertrophy

Tuesday 29 October 2019

12:50 - 13:30

TREND-UK & Injection Technique Matters (ITM)

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Jane Diggle
Practice Nurse with an interest in Diabetes