Individualising diabetes care for older people with a focus on frailty

Care for older people with diabetes has unique challenges.  Multiple comorbidities associated with ageing combined with the increased prevalence of geriatric syndromes and frailty contributes to the complexity of managing diabetes in older people.  Comprehensive geriatric assessment should be performed on the initial diagnosis of diabetes and annually thereafter.  Owing to the heterogeneous nature of older people with diabetes and variations in their functional status, comorbidities and life expectancy, therapeutic interventions and metabolic targets should be individualised taking into consideration individuals’ preferences and putting quality of life at the heart of their care plans.  

Learning Objectives

By the end of this talk, delegates are expected to have:

  • A clearer understanding of the nature of the complexity of diabetes as an illness in old age and the importance of individualised care
  • Insight into what frailty is, why it is important in the NHS, how it is detected, and how it can modify treatment goals
  • An understanding of the challenges we face with those in care homes and those at end of life
  • A summary knowledge of what published studies of interventions tell us

Thursday 15th November 2018

10:40 - 11:10

Primary, Community & Specialist Care


MSc, MD, FRCP, Director, Foundation for Diabetes Research in Older People (FDROP), Diabetes Frail Ltd

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