How to deliver patient self-management and behaviour change at scale; 2017-18 outcome data with key lessons for the NHS

  • Reasons to commission: Insights into the 2017-18 outcome data illustrating the significant potential of digital education and personalised lifestyle coaching for Type 2 diabetes prevention & self-management.
  • Increase education uptake: Learn how the application of behavioural nudges in messaging and onboarding can lead to a 10-fold increase in uptake to structured education.
  • How to change behaviours: Hear about key behaviour change techniques that help to create lasting improvements for people with Type 2 diabetes.
  • How to advise on lifestyle: Discover which diet and exercises routines appeal to different demographics.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What led to patients giving a 10 point increase in their Patient Activation Measures (PAM) for North West London after just 3 months, delivering a potential 20% decrease in hospitalisation and a 20% increase in medication adherence.
  • How to leverage established NHS systems to deploy innovative tactics that can rapidly increase uptake to digital structured education.
  • The behaviour change intervention that’s created real world evidence of positive lifestyle changes, resulting in weight reduction, HbA1c reduction increase in physical activity and patient empowerment scores.
  • What the latest healthy food and exercise advice that people with Type 2 diabetes adopt.

Wednesday 14th November 2018

12:15 - 12:45

Commissioning for Better Diabetes Care



CEO & Vice President, Changing Health, Diabetes UK

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