Good Injection technique and Lipohypertrophy Screening inc Palpatation

This presentation will start by looking at the causes and impact of Lipohypertrophy. The presentation will include a live demonstration of the correct procedure for detecting and palpating lipohypertrophic lesions, there will then be the opportunity to examine a person with diabetes who injects to detect and palpate actual lipohypertrophic lesions.

Learning outcomes:

  • Describe what lipohypertrophy is
  • Explain the causative factors for lipohypertrophy
  • Explain and demonstrate how to screen for, detect and record lipohypertrophy
  • Describe the correct procedure for identifying and palpating lipohypertropy
  • Impact of lipohypertrophy

Thursday 15th November 2018

10:40 - 11:20

TREND-UK & Injection Technique Theatre

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Nurse Consultant – Diabetes, Barnet Enfield & Haringey MHT, Co-Chair TREND-UK and Chair, ITM

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