Extended Workshop – Knuston Hall Diabetes Counselling and Empowerment Course: ‘From Fixer to facilitator’

We are trying to give participants a flavour of the 3 day Knuston Hall. Diabetes Counselling and Empowerment Course in 90 minutes.

We want to encourage a workshop atmosphere and there will be plenty of audience participation to help learning.

We will consider who holds the responsibility for diabetes care – is it the patient or the professional?

Two exercises will help understanding of active listening

We will describe the Empowerment process, with emphasis on talking about feelings and why we may be afraid to open a can of worms.

We will think about what is needed to provide person-centred care

If there is time, we will consider how people with diabetes can make their lives better and how as professionals we can influence that process.

Learning points:

  • Understand where the responsibility for diabetes care lies
  • Be aware of the five stages of the empowerment programme
  • Know the core conditions needed for person-centred care
  • Feel confident to address the feelings of the person in your clinic
  • Understand the process of helping a person decide how life could be improved

Wednesday 30 October 2019

15:00 - 16:40

Mental Health & Wellbeing Zone

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Research Consultant, R&D Unit, Northampton General Hospital
Anne Kilvert
Consultant Physician, Diabetes Centre, Northampton General Hospital