Diabetes management pearls – life hacks to help you help people with diabetes

We are under considerable time pressures in both primary and secondary care when looking after people with diabetes. During this session I will impart diabetes management pearls I have been fortunate to pick up over the years to help look after people with diabetes in a holistic, clinically effective and time-efficient way. Diabetes management pearls will consist of “Consulting Pearls”, “Prevention Pearls”,”Lifestyle Pearls”, Prescribing Pearls”, “Pre-conception & Pregnancy Pearls” and “Mental Wellbeing Pearls”.

Learning outcomes:

  • Diagnosis pearls
    Accurately diagnosing the correct type of diabetes is increasingly challenging and often the safest strategy is to presume type 1 diabetes until proven otherwise. Diagnosis pearls will provide some useful tips and resources to help identify type 1 and type 2 diabetes as well as less common forms such as MODY, LADA and type 3c diabetes
  • Consulting pearls
    Patient engagement is pivotal to the management of diabetes and that intervention that helps an individual “buy in” to their diagnosis remains the holy grail of diabetes management. Consulting pearls will explore the realistic use of motivational interviewing techniques in a 10 minute consultation as well s highlight other useful resources such as the Diabetes UK information prescriptions
  • Prevention pearls
    Hippocrates’ motto was famously “Prevention is better than cure”. Prevention pearls will provide some useful tips and resources to help identify those at risk of diabetes and how we can support them to reduce this risk.
  • Lifestyle pearls
    Lifestyle intervention is the cornerstone of the management of type 2 diabetes. Lifestyle pearls will discuss who might be able to reverse their diabetes with significant weight loss as well as highlighting recent changes to Department of Health lifestyle guidance that we should be relaying to those with diabetes
  • Prescribing pearls
    Prescribing for those with type 2 diabetes is increasingly challenging given the explosion in ew classes of medications over the last 10 years. Prescribing pearls will navigate this post-metformin melange and provide some useful tips and resources in what to choose next after metformin
  • Pregnancy & preconception pearls
    We are increasingly seeing women of child-bearing age with established diabetes or at risk of diabetes. Pregnancy & pre-conception pearls will explore essential information to relay to these women to reduce the risk of both maternal and fatal complications and as well as the different diagnostic criteria we should be using in those who are pregnant
  • Mental-well being pearls
    Plato famously said, “The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated”. Co-existing diabetes and depression significantly increase both morbidity and mortality and we need to screen for depression at every opportunity. Mental well-being pearls will explore how we can support those with mental health difficulties including how to identify and support those suffering diabetes distress

Wednesday 14th November 2018

16:40 - 17:45

Primary, Community & Specialist Care

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GP Partner & Medical Education & Scottish Lead, North Berwick Health Centre, GPwSI Diabetes, Primary Care Diabetes Society

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