Closed Loop Technology – Who should be given priority and what training, resourcing and support will staff need?

We will report findings from an interview study undertaken with staff involved in delivering the Closed Loop from Onset in type 1 Diabetes (CLOuD) trial. We will focus our reporting on two main areas: (1) staff’s views about who gains greatest clinical benefit from using a closed-loop system and who they think should be prioritised for access to the technology in routine clinical care; and, (2) their views about the training, resourcing and support needed to support use of the technology in routine clinical care.

Learning outcomes:

  • Early insight into some of the main issues, opportunities and challenges likely to arise from the introduction and mainstreaming of closed-loop technology within the NHS
  • Opportunities to troubleshoot and discuss staff training and support needs
  • Opportunities to learn about the kinds of training and support people with type I diabetes and their families will need when they first move onto closed-loop systems

Tuesday 29 October 2019

17:30 - 18:10

Tech & Digital Health

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Research Fellow, Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh