Clinical outcomes of ultra-long acting insulin analogues: impact on hypoglycaemia

This session will assess the comparative data on hypoglycaemic profiles of the two current ultra long-acting basal analogue insulins available Toujeo and Degludec outlying the differences benefits and place in therapy.

Learning outcomes:

  • Attendees will be able to see the benefits of both Insulins and place in therapies
  • Attendees will be helped in the design of local pathways inculcating these insulins
  • Attendees will be helped to see the differences and similarities of these two basal insulins

Session organised and remunerated by Sanofi Diabetes

Wednesday 14th November 2018

12:50 - 13:20

Hypo Hub


Dr Pratik Choudhary
Clinical lead for T1 Diabetes, Islet & Pancreas transplantation, Consultant in Diabetes, King's College Hospital

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