Biosimilars – Prescribing in Practice

  • What do prescribers need to consider when prescribing an insulin or a biosimilar insulin? Highlight the importance of brand name prescribing and pharmacovigilance
  • How do we explain biosimilars to patients when initiating or switching to an insulin biosimilar?
  • How can we use this opportunity to review medication and improve patient outcome? Consider education on the pen, injection technique, short-acting insulin dosing etc
  • How do we explain the financial pressure/burden the NHS is facing and the benefit of cost saving to the patients?
  • How do HCPs monitor patients who have switched to a biosimilar? E.g. is more frequent SMBG required? How soon should HbA1c be measured? Would advice be different if switching between human or analogue insulin?

Thursday 15th November 2018

12:40 - 13:10



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