Metabolic Health Solutions

MHS is a health solutions company that has developed technology & applied systems to measure, monitor and manage metabolic health. Our lead technology, ECAL was the first metabolic monitor produced for clinical management of metabolic conditions including Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity and Insulin Resistance.

ECAL is a compact, portable medical device measuring metabolic rate and fuel utilisation in patients, providing accurate informative data, interpretations and therapeutic recommendations.

A person’s metabolic flexibility, their ability to burn fat and their metabolic rate is highly individual. Yet clinically measuring these parameters is extremely difficult. ECAL, through a simple 5-8 minute breathing test, provides accurate measures of metabolic rate and fuel utilisation. Regular testing allows for individualised diets to improve metabolic flexibility, and support long-term weight and metabolic health improvements.

ECAL is used in more than 8 countries on 3 continents and is also being used in sports nutrition and sports performance applications.

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