Our Vision


Diabetes Professional Care’s founder, Maggie Meer, established Healthcare Publishing and Events (HPE) in 2015, to launch authoritative yet accessible healthcare events that actually made a difference. Her mission was to provide healthcare professionals (HCPs) with real-world education to help them deliver the best possible care to their patients.

HPE launched DPC, its first event, in November 2015. It has gone from strength to strength, with its fourth edition, DPC2018, help at Olympia in November 2018, attracting a record attendance of 4,195 visitors.

DPC is a free-to-attend, CPD-accredited, two-day conference and exhibition for HCPs involved in the prevention, treatment and management of diabetes, and its related conditions. In creating it, Maggie (who has type 2 diabetes) was motivated by her own difficult healthcare experiences. Frustrated with the non-joined up way in which her care was managed, she saw a desperate need to give HCPs from all areas of healthcare the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skillset.

So, as a publishing and events professional for more than 25 years, Maggie decided to help solve the problem herself rather than wait for somebody else to do it. She researched the diabetes market and developed relationships with HCPs who shared her vision. The result was DPC.

Maggie’s initiative was very timely. Diabetes is spiralling out of control. One person will die of it every six seconds and, by 2040, it will claim the lives of one in 10 people worldwide. Yet, because patients aren’t receiving the education and support they need to understand and manage their condition, they increase their risk of developing a range of serious related complications.

From the beginning, DPC’s key objective has been to improve the lives of people with diabetes by helping HCPs to understand and empathise with their patients, and increase their awareness of diabetes complications. As well as arming HCPs with the skills and knowledge to provide better care for their patients, DPC’s focus is on helping them to empower their patients to manage their own condition.

Our mission is also to create an educational programme that is strong enough to provide HCPs with CPD credits and addresses the budgetary constraints on NHS staff by making DPC free to attend.

DPC’s focus is on real-world, practical education and innovative diabetes healthcare solutions. It brings together the full spectrum of HCPs with responsibility for delivering diabetes care, from commissioning services and products, through specialist diabetes teams, to GPs and nurses in primary care. By creating an event with diverse content and features, DPC provides a unique forum where they can speak with each other, and share knowledge and best practice.

Our goal is to ensure that DPC, and all future projects launched by HPE, are underpinned by a key characteristic – that we really listen to our stakeholders to ensure both they and the patients they care for are the true benefactors.

We will continue to grow the company while building our portfolio of forward-thinking and unique healthcare events, and are keen to continue developing our relationships with like-minded organisations and charities.

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