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10 Nov 2022

Successful lifestyle programme combats type 2 diabetes in South London

The Low Carb Program has been rolled out across South London to educate people living with type 2 diabetes

The award-winning Low Carb Program has been rolled out across South London to help improve the lives of people living with type 2 diabetes.

The program was developed by DDM Health and is a nutritionally focused behaviour change intervention that provides education, resources and support to start and sustain a lower-carbohydrate diet.

Available in nine different languages, the app is used by people with obesity, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and polycystic ovarian syndrome, with the programme evidenced in seven peer-reviewed studies.

The app includes a goal-focused, tailored education programme, peer coaching, a recipe library, cook-a-longs, live and on-demand activity classes and health tracking.

According to a year-long study, 83 per cent of people activated a Low Carb Program account after being referred, with 90 per cent of those completing the entire intervention.

Data shows a -6.9mmol/mol HbA1c reduction and 6.2 per cent body weight loss after following the Low Carb Program for a year. 

One participant said: “Over three months, my blood glucose HbA1c level is back to normative level. The follow up telephone discussions have been a great help and support.”

Another added: “I have successfully maintained my blood glucose level and weight loss over more than 12 months now.”

The project’s impact has led to the Low Carb Program’s outcomes being showcased to NHS England.


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