Special features return for DPC2018


DPC2018 will see the return of two special feature areas, the DPC Foot & Wound Clinic and the Hypo Hub*, which were launched to great acclaim at last year’s event.

Both features will include a series of practical workshops, providing participants with essential skills and real-world learning they can take away and use in the care of their patients with diabetes.

The DPC Foot & Wound Clinic is dedicated to delivering the latest information and skills training to help patients look after their feet and lower limbs. At DPC2018, it will again be run in conjunction with a highly experienced clinical podiatry team from Solent NHS Trust, led by Graham Bowen, Clinical Lead for Podiatry at the trust.

The DPC Foot & Wound Clinic meets an urgent need for better education on diabetic foot disease. “Ninety five percent of amputations start with a single foot ulcer,” says Bowen. “So if we can get the screening and education right, we can prevent foot ulcers, which will then prevent amputation.”

Another serious complication of diabetes – hypoglycaemia – is the focus of the Hypo Hub*, introduced with the support of our Diamond Sponsor, Novo Nordisk, at DPC2017. Workshops at last year’s show included what hypoglycaemia is, how it impacts on the lives of people with diabetes, duty of care implications for healthcare professionals, and its financial impact.

Visitors also flocked to the Hypo Simulator, running alongside the workshops, where, with the aid of a virtual reality headset, they could experience a hypoglycaemic event for themselves.

Steve Maishman, Diabetes Field Sales Manager, Novo Nordisk, said the simulator was jam packed, with HCPs from across the spectrum – doctors, nurses, podiatrists, dieticians – seeking to improve their understanding of how their patients feel when their blood sugar drops too low.

“Hypoglycaemia is a debilitating, frustrating, often very frightening complication of diabetes,” says Maishman. “Patients with type 1 diabetes can expect to experience two non-severe episodes in a week and a type 2 patient who’s using insulin to manage their diabetes can expect to have one non-severe episode every couple of weeks. So this is a very big issue.”

Look out for our updates on the DPC Foot & Wound Clinic and Hypo Hub programmes for DPC2018 – and also for news on exciting new features for this year’s show!

View the DPC2017 Foot & Wound Clinic programme
View the DPC2017 Hypo Hub programme

* Novo Nordisk has organised and remunerated faculty for the Hypo Hub on behalf of DPC. Hypo Hub is non-promotional.

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