Pioneering GP previously trolled, tackles T2 diabetes

Dr David Unwin

One of the most pioneering and high-profile low carb advocates has managed to put more than 60 people into type 2 diabetes remission.

Dr David Unwin, otherwise known as the Low-Carb GP, who once received online abuse for trying to find out about the pioneering approach, will discuss some of the benefits of ditching pasta, bread and potatoes at Diabetes Professional Care 2019 on October 29th, London.

The Southport GP said: “I am so passionate about drug-free diabetes remission and to think that for most of my career I thought it was a chronic, deteriorating condition. However, now we know it is possible to address the actual dietary causes of many peoples’ type 2 diabetes it has given so many people hope, empowering them to make the necessary lifestyle changes.”

Dr Unwin will present ‘Carbs, how to explain their effects on the body to improve clinical outcomes’ at DPC2019 on 29 October. He has also been lined up to chair a panel comprised of Dr Nicola Guess, Lecturer from the Department of Nutritional Sciences, Kings College London, Dr Kesar Sadhra a GP helping his Asian population and Tara Kelly a dietician practicing in the field. To discuss ‘How to personalise the low carb diet’.

Since he discovered the health benefits of a low-carb approach, Dr Unwin, who is National Champion for Collaborative Care and Support Planning in Obesity & Diabetes at the Royal College of General Practitioner (RCGP), has helped to develop the Diabetes Digital Media’s award-inning Low-Carb Program.

However, his introduction to this dietary approach only came about in 2013 as a ‘eureka’ moment.

He said: “I never knew it was possible to reverse type 2 diabetes until a patient of mine walked into my surgery. When I asked her how she did it, she said ‘why don’t you know already? Just stop eating bread potatoes and cereal’.

“I was embarrassed that I didn’t know this information, so I did my own research. I found the Low-Carb Forum she was part of and was astonished to see there were 40,000 people using it. I was humbled and amazed by all the results they were getting but sad that many of them were being rubbished by healthcare professionals, despite overturning their type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

“It was from that moment I decided to devote myself to knowing more about the approach and helping this group of people.”

But it was not straightforward because the low-carb community had grown cautious of the medical profession and refused to accept Dr Unwin as someone who was taking them seriously.

Dr Unwin said: “I naively went online and tried to join in but I was flabbergasted to be suspended as a ‘troll’. My children thought it was hilarious.”

Eventually he managed to earn their trust and Dr Unwin’s practice began adopting a low-carb and lifestyle medicine approach. It has been so successful that the surgery has saved more than £57,000 on medications for conditions including hypertension and type 2 diabetes in 2017/18.

He added: “Thousands of people across the world are going low carb and educating their doctors about the benefits. It’s about time the healthcare profession starts taking their patients and the research we’ve done seriously. We’re seeing amazing results and if we can get everybody completely on board to agreeing low carb is a viable option, just think how wonderful that would be.”

Dr Unwin’s session will take place at DPC2019 on 29 October in the Prevention and Obesity in Practice Theatre. For the full agenda and information about the other conference theatres, clinics and practical workshops available, view the conference programme here.

Healthcare professionals can attend this CPD-accredited session for free. So, if you haven’t registered for your place at DPC2019, please register online now.

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