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28 Nov 2022

NICE NG28 guidelines highlight the need for considering an individualised cardiovascular risk-based approach to type 2 diabetes management

A leading spokesperson from AstraZeneca reflects on the implications of the latest NICE NG28 type 2 diabetes guidelines on clinical practice in the UK.

In an exclusive interview with the Diabetes Times, AstraZeneca’s Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic Unit Director Matt Bunyan highlights that every year the NHS spends at least £10 billion on diabetes care but almost 80% of this comes from treating complications that arise from diabetes.¹

As a result, he argues there is a real need to improve type 2 diabetes care across the spectrum by also managing related comorbidities like cardiovascular and chronic kidney disease, in order to transform patient outcomes.

Matt said: “We need to take a more personalised and holistic view of care, treating someone with type 2 diabetes through the lens of all interconnected organs and systems as opposed to just diabetes in isolation.”

There are encouraging signs of movement in the right direction, and Matt cites the NG28 guideline updates as one example that encourage healthcare professionals to adopt an individualised approach to care and identify those at risk of cardiovascular disease at their type 2 diabetes diagnosis, or in subsequent reviews so that care can be targeted accordingly.²

To find out more about how the type 2 diabetes landscape is evolving and read Matt’s interview in full, click here:


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