Meet health tech start-ups at The Edge innovation zone

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The Edge, DPC’s innovation zone, will feature health tech start-ups who have developed, or are in the process of developing, pioneering new products and services for improving diabetes care. This popular area will give visitors a unique opportunity to discover, first hand, some of the most exciting new technology solutions in this field.

“This is our area dedicated to the most innovative start-up companies in diabetes,” says Toby Baker, Event Director, DPC2018. “We want to make sure that, alongside more established companies in diabetes care, there is the opportunity for smaller companies to be here as well. Every year, exhibitors in The Edge move to a full-sized exhibition stand the next year, so it must be working for them.”

One exhibitor who has made the move to the main show floor this year is TickleFLEX, who introduced its award-winning, universal-fit insulin injection aid at last year’s show. Speaking at DPC2017, TickleFLEX inventor Peter Bailey said: “It’s been very well received, people appreciate it’s so simple. I always wanted to make a difference. If we can get a million of these out into the market, that’s a lot less needle phobia and a lot fewer ouches. I’m very proud to be part of that.”

The Edge exhibitors at DPC2018 will include:

  • Counterweight, who will present Counterweight-Plus, its evidence-based, weight management programme. Counterweight aims to make diabetes remission a practical target in primary care and will share the results of the DiRECT clinical trial.
  • Thermetrix, who is using its thermal imaging expertise to manage health conditions with innovative preventative care technology. Find out about Thermetrix’s first product, Podium a diabetic foot care monitor and app, which provides people with diabetes with a daily thermal image of their feet.
  • Metabolic Health Solutions, who will demonstrate its ECAL metabolic monitor for type 2 diabetes. Through a simple 5-8 minute breathing test, ECAL provides accurate measures of metabolic rate and fuel utilisation.

Other The Edge exhibitors include Innovation Zed, Medopad, My Way Digital Health and Qured.

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