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Healthcare professionals are being invited to join a free online course to learn all about insulin, from how it works to its side effects and safe prescribing.

‘Understanding Insulin’ is a MOOC (massive online open course), developed by the University of Southampton. The 4-week, interactive course starts on 18 June and will require 4 hours a week participation. Although the course is aimed primarily at healthcare professionals, it is also relevant to people with diabetes and their carers.

Topics covered will include: how insulin works and what happens in diabetes; the types of insulin available for clinical use; administration of insulin; and the side effects of insulin.

Understanding Insulin was very well received when it was first released last year, with one nurse saying: “I found this course extremely interesting, informative and easy to understand.”

The course has now been updated and is being run again to meet the ongoing requirement for better education and upskilling among HCPs, to help reduce concerns around managing and prescribing insulin.

The course facilitators are Dr Nicola Englyst, Associate Professor, Programme Leader for Diabetes Best Practice, Lead for Mentoring Scheme, Southampton University, and Dr Mayank Patel, Consultant in Diabetes and Senior Clinical Lecturer, University Hospital Southampton and University of Southampton, and a speaker at Diabetes Professional Care 2018 in November.

“There are a large number of people with diabetes, people who care for those with diabetes either as family, friends, or healthcare professionals, where insulin is regularly used or encountered,” says Dr Patel. “We therefore set out to create a one-stop-shop of ‘all things insulin’, that would have broad appeal and support learning and understanding.

“The NHS spends an estimated £1.6m an hour on diabetes care, with 80% spent on managing diabetes complications. Yet this risk could be significantly reduced through effective blood glucose control using insulin.

“This is a global issue so we’ve launched the course as an MOOC so HCPs and their patients across the world can better understand how insulin works, and how to prescribe and administer it safely.

“By the end of the course, participants will know all about insulin, including knowledge of the different types of insulin, its side effects, and optimal prescribing and administration.”

Participants can interact not just with the facilitators but with each other, and will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

To register for Understanding Insulin, please click here.

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