Hypo Hub provides insights into hypoglycaemia


New to DPC2017, the Hypo Hub* provided visitors with a unique insight into hypoglycaemia. DPC joined forces with Novo Nordisk, DPC2017 Diamond Sponsor, to deliver the Hypo Hub, as part of Novo Nordisk’s Changing Diabetes aspiration.

Over two days, leading diabetes practitioners and specialists delivered a series of workshops, with sessions covering: what hypoglycaemia is and how it impacts the lives of people with diabetes; the duty of care implications for healthcare professionals; and the financial impact it can have for the NHS and society as a whole.

Alongside the workshops, the Hypo Hub also featured a hypoglycaemia simulation station, where, with the aid of a virtual reality headset, visitors were able to experience how their patients feel when their blood sugar drops too low.

Steve Maishman, Diabetes Field Sales Manager, Novo Nordisk, explained why the Hypo Hub was such an important part of DPC2017: “Hypoglycaemia is a debilitating, frustrating, often very frightening complication of diabetes. We know from a survey Novo Nordisk carried out a couple of years ago that 20% of patients feel their hypoglycaemia isn’t important enough to bring up with their HCP and 10% of them feel their doctor might consider it a waste of time to bring it up.

“We hope to raise awareness among HCPs and improve the levels of conversation they have around hypoglycaemia.”

Maishman added that the hypo simulator was jam-packed, with participants from across the healthcare spectrum – doctors, nurses, podiatrists, dieticians. “It raises their own level of understanding of what exactly their patients are feeling,” he said.

Watch our DPC2017 interview with Steve Maishman below.

* Novo Nordisk has organised and remunerated faculty for the Hypo Hub on behalf of DPC. Hypo Hub is non-promotional.

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