DPC2018 to deliver “accessible education” for nurses working in diabetes care

Debbie Hicks
Debbie Hicks

Diabetes Professional Care provides a unique educational and networking platform for nurses, of all specialisms and levels of experience, with nurses accounting for 35% of healthcare professionals (who comprised 82% of visitors) at last year’s show.

“DPC has grown significantly since its launch in 2015, with DPC2017 attracting a record 3,235 visitors,” says DPC’s Founder, Maggie Meer. “This shows DPC is meeting a real and increasing need for accessible education for nurses and other professionals working in diabetes care.

“From the start, our mission has been to give healthcare professionals the skills and knowledge they need to provide the very best care for their patients with diabetes. Key to this is putting together a conference programme that focuses on real-world learning, practical education and innovative diabetes healthcare solutions.”

DPC2018’s main, eight-stream conference will again cover a breadth of content areas, with streams including: Prevention & Obesity in Practice; T1 Diabetes; and Primary, Community & Specialist Care.

This latter stream will feature a special, hour-long session on ‘Diabetes Management Pearls – life hacks to help you help people with diabetes’ from Dr Kevin Fernando, GP, Partner and Medical Education & Scottish Lead, North Berwick Health Centre, with a special interest in diabetes.

“We are under considerable time pressures in both primary and secondary care when looking after people with diabetes,” says Dr Fernando. “During this session, I will impart diabetes management pearls I have been fortunate to pick up over the years, to help look after people with diabetes in a holistic, clinically effective way and time-efficient way.”

The ‘pearls’ will cover: consulting, prevention, lifestyle, prescribing, pre-conception and pregnancy, and mental wellbeing.

The DPC2018 conference will also raise awareness of the complications of diabetes, with a two-day Diabetes Co-morbidities stream including a Mental Health & Wellbeing session on: ‘Parity of esteem – reducing the diabetes risk and improving diabetes management for patients with a serious mental illness’, presented by Anne Moore, Group Nurse & Director Safer Care, Northumberland Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust.

Running alongside the conference, DPC2018’s informal, practical workshops will also address the emotional and psychological impact of diabetes, with a session on: ‘Don’t be afraid to open a can of worms – addressing feelings in consultation about diabetes’, delivered by Dr Anne Kilbert, Diabetes Centre, and Dr Charles Fox, R&D Unit, Northampton General Hospital.

Taking a practical approach too, the TREND-UK & Injection Technique Theatre will focus on best practice injection technique and other vital aspects of diabetes care. Aimed primarily at helping nurses to support their patients with diabetes, the theatre will be run by highly experienced diabetes nurse consultants, with sessions including: Jill Hill discussing ‘Supporting diabetes care at the end of life’; Debbie Hicks exploring ‘Alcohol, smoking & illicit drugs & the impact on diabetes’; and June James addressing ‘Principles of blood glucose monitoring: what, where, how?’.

“Definitely come, it’s a free event,” said a nurse from Nuffield Health in Chichester at DPC2017. “There’s so much in the way of friendly people who are here to offer their support, guidance and knowledge. What more can we ask for?”

DPC2018 takes place at Olympia, London, on 14 and 15 November 2018. To reserve your free place, register now at the DPC website.

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