DPC2018 receives glowing reviews from diabetes key opinion leaders

Keith Vaz MP & Debbie Hicks
Keith Vaz MP & Debbie Hicks

Leading healthcare professionals, policy makers and industry players from across the diabetes care arena have spoken out in support of DPC.

As well as applauding the show’s impact on improving current knowledge and best practice in diabetes care, they have also drawn attention to DPC’s role in highlighting areas where care needs to be improved.

Among those sharing their views on the show, Debbie Hicks, Nurse Consultant – Diabetes, Barnet Enfield & Haringey MHT and Co-Chair TREND-UK, said: “I have attended DPC since it began in 2015. I am a big fan of this event as it provides an extensive and varied programme over two days for non-specialists and specialists in diabetes care to learn about new skills, new thinking and collaborations.

“Year on year, the programme has involved excellent speakers, who present on current care delivery. Here, attendees can learn from others, who are providing high quality care; this enables them to reflect on their own practice and incorporate some new ideas into their work environments.

“The programme also provides new areas of care delivery, which are in the pilot stages, but could be significant in years to come for people living with diabetes.

“There is also a large and eclectic professional exhibition, with plenty of opportunities to network with other like-minded healthcare professionals and discuss similar innovations and challenges.

“I would strongly recommend DPC to any person interested in diabetes care, no matter where you work, as a vehicle to improve your skills and knowledge in diabetes care delivery. And importantly, it is free to attend!”

Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Diabetes and a speaker at our DPC2018 Live Debate, said: “DPC is an extremely important event for the formulation of policy and I look forward to it immensely every year.

“This is a critical conference for the way in which diabetes has developed and operated over the previous 12 months. But also, it’s a conference for the future because it looks at the areas where we can improve diabetes care.

“What Maggie [DPC’s founder, Maggie Meer] has done over the last four years is to make DPC in to the state-of-the-art conference for professionals, manufacturers, government and policymakers. Where else would you get so many people with an interest in diabetes under one roof?”

Another DPC2018 speaker, Sarah Gregory, In-patient Diabetes Specialist Nurse, East Kent Hospitals University Trust, said: “DPC2018 was the first time I attended and I was impressed! Of course, there are other conferences, but one of the things that was mentioned to me is that, because it is free, DPC has a different audience. I spoke to practice nurses, care home nurses and community nursing staff – who may not be ‘specialist’ in the area of diabetes, but who support people with diabetes – who often can’t fund themselves to attend other conferences.

“The seminars, workshops and lectures were aimed at a wider audience with some excellent resources and knowledge being shared, and the atmosphere during both days was brilliant.

“I will definitely be returning next year – and look forward to the bigger, better venue to allow more of the wider diabetes professional population to attend.”

Feedback from DPC’s sponsors and exhibitors was equally positive, with Chris Chapman, CEO, GlucoRx – DPC Gold Sponsor and exhibitor telling us at DPC2019: “We’ve seen people from all over the UK, in various roles – DSNs, consultants, pharmacists, practice nurses, district nurses – so it’s been a real mix of people. There have been some key influential people so, for GlucoRx, it’s really important to be here every year.

“There have also been some absolutely phenomenal talks and cutting-edge discussions in all of the theatres. So, if you are a healthcare professional and you’ve got a passion for diabetes, you have to come here.”

Visit the DPC website for more testimonials from our speakers, exhibitors and visitors, and to view our show highlights videos.

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