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12 Mar 2020

DPC supports good kidney health during the global campaign World Kidney Day

DPC supports good kidney health during the global campaign World Kidney Day

Placing kidney disease at the “forefront” of diabetes care is one of the main priorities of DPC2020 – as we announce our support on World Kidney Day.

As part of the global campaign, the Kidney Charities Together Group is asking people to make a big picture and share on social media to help raise awareness of kidney health and to show that #KidneysMatter.  


Diabetic kidney disease (DKD), otherwise known as diabetic nephropathy, affects almost one in three people with diabetes.

Uncontrolled diabetes, or high blood pressure, are the biggest causes of kidney failure, which is why last year we launched the DPC Kidney Clinic.

The clinic featured a programme of practical education about DKD and other diabetes-related kidney complications, aimed at all levels of experience and specialisms.

Speaking at DPC2019, Sandra Currie, Chief Executive of Kidney Research UK and part of the Kidney Charities Together Group, said: “There’s a real relevance to the healthcare professionals who are here as they are all starting to think more about the kidneys.

“We’re concerned that such a significant health impact of diabetes isn’t necessarily at the forefront of everyone’s minds, when it certainly should be.

“We are really delighted to be here at DPC to try and spread awareness among all the healthcare professionals who are here. We want to get the message across far and wide that if you have diabetes you need to start thinking about your kidneys.”

Fiona Loud, Policy Director at Kidney Care UK and also part of the Kidney Charities Together Group, said that people who attended the DPC Kidney Clinic were “very engaged”.

She added: “There were a wide range of clinicians who came along and who were very involved in the sessions and asked a lot of questions, wanting to discover more about the associated links between diabetes and kidney disease.

“If you have diabetes you do have a very strong chance of developing kidney complications alongside the eye and the limb complications. But kidneys seem to be the one that has the least awareness, yet, the key cause of kidney failure is probably diabetes.

“For us prevention is incredibly important, so awareness is something that we really do want to see more of, and being at DPC has definitely allowed us to spread the message further.”

The DPC Kidney Clinic, was one of five brand new specialist clinics which were launched last year to share best practice and real-world learning in key areas of diabetes care across the entire multi-disciplinary team.


Each clinic’s dedicated programme of practical education took participants from basic knowledge right up to more advanced care. Sessions were all delivered by leading specialists and practitioners in each area.



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