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08 Apr 2020

DPC backs NHS heroes fighting COVID-19

Clapping, saluting, free coffee and dedicated shopping hours are now daily occurrences to show gratitude to the NHS and even a well-known M25 graffiti slogan has been amended to pay tribute to key workers.

The entire country is behind you, our healthcare professionals, who are completely dedicated to keeping as many people as possible who have been struck down by COVID-19 safe and well.

Messages of support have been flooding in with a wealth of free or discounted goods and services being made available to all NHS staff. One nurse – who did not wish to be named – was even gifted flowers and chocolates upon walking into her local Tesco as she was in her uniform.

With healthcare professionals working round the clock, some having made the gut-wrenching decision to move out of their homes to avoid infecting their family, it might feel hard to look on the bright side.

But, nestled deep within the grim reality of COVID-19 are some positive recovery stories, including Andrew O’Dwyer who also has type 1 diabetes.

Speaking to BBC News, he said the condition was “no different to normal flu-type symptoms” and the worst bit for him was the “uncontrollable coughing”. After 21 days of self-isolation, he has now made a full recovery.

Staying with type 1 diabetes, we found another COVID-19 survivor who not only has the condition but also suffers from Alpha-1 antitrypsin (A1AT).

Sarah Hall, 26, experienced black outs, vomiting and coughing fits, but after a week said she started to feel better, before adding: “It's not pleasant but I have a lung condition as well as diabetes and I conquered the virus”.

At DPC, we’ve always been behind the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) working of the NHS, so the commitment and dedication the country is currently celebrating comes as no surprise to us.

However, we would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you the best of health as you embark upon what will doubtlessly be one of the biggest challenges of your career.

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