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Diabetes Professional Care
15-16 November 2023, Olympia London

The UK's leading event for the entire team involved in the prevention, treatment and management of diabetes and its related conditions.

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14 Nov 2023


Vitalhub UK Hall: National Stand: P6

An introduction to MyPathway

MyPathway is a patient engagement portal that delivers a digital
communication channel to connect patients, carers and healthcare
providers via two solutions – the Patient App and Clinical Portal.

The award-winning platform supports a personalised interaction
between the patient and clinician, increasing access to care services
and providing greater data insight at individual and population
levels. MyPathway provides enriched patient data to support
enhanced decision-making and improved clinical outcomes, whilst
reducing clinical and operational administration. By improving
remote care pathways, MyPathway releases clinical time, enabling
clinicians to focus on patients requiring immediate care.

MyPathway is often used to improve patient interactions during
treatment for long-term conditions, in areas including chronic pain,
musculoskeletal, motor neurone disease and rheumatological conditions, and to support effective communications in shorter pathways (shorter-term conditions), such as physiotherapy or orthopaedic surgery.

Data is provided at patient, pathway, service, and population levels
to support strategic decision-making and service improvements to be
based on data which has been gathered directly from patients.

A personalised, digital interaction between patients and clinicians.

The Clinical Portal

A service and system agnostic portal enabling clinicians to
track and support remote patient pathways in real-time.
Graph views of key markers enables the care team to
identify trends over time and intervene if required.

MyPathway’s operational automation provides patient
data without an administrative need to request and
process it manually. Clinicians can share resources to
minimise unnecessary hospital attendances for patients,
releasing clinical time for vital face-to-face appointments.
Staff can also create a library of predefined messages or
questionnaires, to send alongside bespoke communications.

Automated pathways release clinical time. By integrating
with PAS for events in the patient’s journey, messages,
questionnaires, and resources are sent automatically at the
right moment. Advanced search, filter, and bulk operations
simplify the management of large cohorts of patients.

The Patient App

A secure patient engagement portal that provides a
digital communication channel to connect patients to
their care team. The app delivers a range of
personalised digital interactions, including:

• automated and bespoke messaging
• digital questionnaires and digital letters
• pre-populated and bespoke educational materials
• appointment booking (PIFU) and reminders

Patients can also submit readings (e.g. oxygen levels,
blood pressure or blood sugar levels), providing the care
team with far more data to track their condition than a
physical appointment schedule allows.

With access to a greater volume of data, the care team
can make adjustments to the patient’s care package far
quicker and easier than previously possible.

What makes MyPathway different?

Working in collaboration with our customers, we utilise technology to deliver better health, better care and better outcomes.

Fully Customisable
MyPathway can be modified to suit your services’ particular need. We work with our customers to ensure this process is
straightforward and simple.

Clinically Specific
MyPathway can be tailored to any clinical service. We work with clinicians to ensure all content, questionnaires, resources etc.
are specific to your clinical requirements.

Self-edit Configuration
MyPathway allows you to personally modify your own pathways. This removes the need to rely on our development team for all changes.

Single Digital Solution
MyPathway combines operational breadth and clinical depth, to offer Trusts a single digital solution for all patient engagement,
communication and analytics.

Trusted Partners
We work with strategic partners to expand our offering. We work with our trusted partners to achieve the desired results for your service.

Light Touch Approach
MyPathway can offer your service proven automated templates that can work off the shelf. We can support your service to create
low complexity, high volume pathways.

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