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Diabetes Professional Care
15-16 November 2023, Olympia London

The UK's leading event for the entire team involved in the prevention, treatment and management of diabetes and its related conditions.

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14 Nov 2023


Vitalhub UK Hall: National Stand: P6

Our Story

  • Established in 1986 and part of the VitalHub group of specialists healthcare companies
  • Over 35 years experience in the provision of healthcare solutions
  • Over 200 customers in the UK, Ireland,United Arab Emirates and New Zealand
  • Prestigious customer base including 100+ NHS trusts, international private & public healthcare providers and local government
  • Specialist solutions for clinical care, hospital management, compliance and healthcare human capital management

Diamond is a market-leading diabetes care system that provides core data in standard format for multiple disciplinary diabetes teams, improving interaction and enabling access to patient information in real-time.


  • Enhanced access to patient records and clinical data
  • Episodic diabetes care management
  • Clinic and appointment scheduling and patient attendance management
  • Support for the multi-professional care team
  • Insulin regimen and pump administration
  • NDA, NPDA and BPT extract functionality
  • Global coding standards compliant


  • Real-time access to patient and clinical data, enhancing care delivery
  • Improved outcomes from data access at point of patient care
  • Reduction in administrative workload and the elimination of transcription
  • Improved efficiency through process automation
  • Enhanced patient risk management assessments
  • Supports paperless operations and diabetes care interoperability standards
  • Access operational and clinical reports supporting patient and administrative workflows
  • Support for interoperability standards including patient demographic (PAS) and laboratory results (LIS)interface capabilities
  • Patient education and training facilities

"Care continuity is something that we’ve seen hugely improve since using Diamond in the community setting. Addressing the hospital/community divide through achieving one system, one shared record across both settings means that care can be commenced in the hospital and followed up in the community as the patient record is accessible to all professionals working with that patient. That also means that the patient doesn’t need to repeat their medical history and medication over and over again –a relief for many and peace of mind that their data is available and accurate."

Bernie McDonnell, Integrated Diabetes Care Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Integrated diabetes clinical care

Supporting interoperability with tertiary systems & interfaces with medical diagnostics.

Diamond & Twinkle


Diabetes patient management solution supporting the multi-disciplinary care team.

  • Patient and clinical management for adult and paediatricpatients
  • Comprehensive multi-specialty datasets including diabetes, obesity, podiatry and ophthalmology
  • Configurable clinic workflows
  • Integration with PAS, pathology, document management and data warehouse
  • Supporting PDA, NPDAand Best Practice Tarif
  • Optional modules including pregnancy, obesity, device integration, etc.
  • Community module and app enabled
  • Unlimited number of patient and user across multiple sites


Paediatricdiabetes patient management solution for patients under 18 years of age.

  • Patient and clinical management for paediatricpatients
  • Comprehensive diabetes datasets and functionality
  • Configurable clinic workflows
  • Optional integration with PAS and pathology
  • Supporting NPDArequirements
  • Single site use for a limited number of users and patients

The Diamond Mobile APP

Features overview:

  • IOS and Apple device support
  • Clear graphical display of information
  • Traffic light indicators
  • Customisable to your brand guidelines
  • View targets, diagnosis, medication, recommendations, advice & guidance, health status and results
  • Alerts and messaging facilities
  • Targeted patient education based on:
    > Diagnosis
    > Medication
    > Progress against targets
    > Health status
    > Patient profile
  • Video communications
  • Results recording
  • Device integration

"The implementation of the Diamond solution has meant that the community offering has been straightforward and helped patients to receive the care they need, closer to home. For example, in circumstances when there may be patients who would normally attend the complex foot clinic in the hospital, but can’t because of Covidand their aversion to attending hospital, they can simply see the podiatrist in the community setting as the clinician has access to all the patient data they need. The clinician can upload a photo and their thoughts and seek recommendations from the hospital team but without the patient having to travel to the hospital."

Professor Sean Dinneen, Consultant Endocrinologist and local lead for the Enhanced Community Care Programme.

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